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Electrostatic powder coating equipment
+ SH-210
+ SH-209
+ SH-206
+ SH-2000
+ SH-2010
Product composition drawing
Auto control system
Powder enamel gun

Manual Model


˘ÂSelf-examination function: easy to maintain and repair
- Trouble Indication Function
- Disconnection Indication Function

˘ÂMaximized powder saving due to excellent penetration into surfaces that is to be coated

˘ÂSafe and comfortable workability by biotechnological design production; excellent durability by using the most advanced materials

˘ÂMaximized productivity through excellent penetration into various products by automatic electrostatic control function

˘ÂExcellent coating effect in recoating

˘ÂExcellent arrival rates to the deep inside by using various long nozzles