Powder Coating Line

Powder Coating Line

Powder Coating Line Manufacturer Korea

As a manufacturer of electrostatic powder coating equipments and reciprocators, Sooho Coating Machine Industrial Co., has been manufacturing automatic systems for efficient powder coating as well as all the components and accessories necessary for powder coating.

Based on our 16-year experience on manufacturing electrostatic powder coating machines, Sooho Powder Coating Machine Industrial Co. is now manufacturing manual and automatic ceramic electrostatic powder coating machines, manual and automatic reciprocators, auto-control systems, and many other related equipments. As a result, our quality service allows us to obtain trust and loyalty with our customers.

We, at Sooho Powder Coating Machine Industrial Co., cordially appreciate your support and promise to provide you with top quality products through constant research and development, and quality improvement.

Sooho Powder Coating Machine Industrial Co., Representative: Kang-Ho Lee