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Reciprocator Manufacturer Korea

We have developed a digital reciprocator, first in Korea, to perfectly solve weak points that could not be solved by any analogue system thus far. Now experience the maximized productivity by the most advanced digital reciprocator.

¢ĀDigital control system of all the functions
-Safety Function: Automatic stop function in case of working over the fixed upper/lower limit
¢ĀNo noises; long lifespan without any troubles due to excellent durability
¢ĀLow speed operation safety function in operating a reciprocator
¢ĀDigital display function of administrative distance and present position
¢ĀAdministrative distance 1800mm, 2000mm, custom product
Voltage 220v~240v
Frequency 50/60Hz
Speed 0~60m/min
Operating PID control, Up/Dwon operating

Mode for control speed

Digital type : Loader
Working Temperature -20Ӄ~60Ӄ